Case Study on Departmental Store System (Information System)

Case Study on Departmental Store System (Information System)


The client is Binayek Departmental Store providing its service since 2002. The departmental store offers the goods for household uses, liquors, clothes, utensils and cosmetics at a same place.

The departmental store wished to have a web based DSMS. Authorities knew how important their website was for advertisement and hundreds of visitors who regularly visits departmental store in seek of new products.



  • ·         Find out what services are being provided by his Departmental Store.
  • ·         Find out why he wants departmental store management system and what benefits he foresees.
  • ·         Find out his priorities.
  • ·         Find out how early he wants the system.
  • ·         Find out about the present organizing of Departmental store.
  • ·         Find out how the sales records are kept.
  • ·         Find out the motto of his departmental store
  • ·         Find out if any documentation on existing procedures exists.



I met Mr. Binayek Baral at his office and asked his permission to take notes. I asked some questions to Mr. Binayek Baral about the present way of management of his departmental store. The questions asked were:

  • Why he wants DSMS?
  • How the stock record is kept?
  • How is sales managed?
  • Do you think it is good to advertise through web?
  • How many departments are available?
  • How is staff noticed about the change in rates?
  • Do you want to publish notice on scheme offered?
  • How is outdated of goods managed?



Binayek Departmental Store wanted to manage the in and outs of products and goods in a scientific and organized way. They wanted to advertise the arrival of the new products on store among their customers. Store keeping and calculation of incomes and sales are not to be meant hard. Staffs employed needed to be encouraged to use the availability of newly invented technologies.

Misplacing of goods, outdates and damage of goods were to be handled by publishing a reports of the store and stock of the goods in the departmental stores. Rates were to be well tagged and discounts should also be given according to the volume of goods bought.



The solution aimed at providing various management and record keeping of goods, sales, rates, change in rates, arrivals of new products and scheme offered in a furnished way to the staffs and customers. Data access levels were defined differently to staffs and visitors. The solution comprised the following major modules:-

  • Stock information on goods
  • Rates of goods
  • Scheme and discounts offered
  • Arrivals of new goods
  • Seasonal updates
  • Updated logo
  • Sales report
  • Department available



Departmental Store Management System provided an inviting and reassuring experience that presents scientific information in a precise, uncomplicated manner. DSMS was able to fulfill the requirement provided by the authority. The information on goods, rates and scheme is explained clearly to the customers and visitors in a web based environment.