Fourth Gereration Language

This language is also known as 4GL in short. This concept of programming is one step ahead from high-level language which is also called 3 GL. Programming in 4GL are results oriented and included database query languages. Programmers may find fewer options, but the programs are much easier to write than in lower level languages. 4GL programs are also needed to be translated either by compiler or interpreter. The editor or programs where the codes and programming is done already consists of inbuilt and ready to use GUI-objects like forms, command buttons, check box, image box, text box, reports, add-ins and many more.

In fact, 4GL cannot be used for all purpose. They are dedicated for some particular application development. Example of 4GL is SQL (structured query language).

Advantages of 4GL:

  • Programming is to be done by using the ready to use components, so it is easy to use and implement as the users need not to understand instructions and its set.
  • User friendly.

Disadvantages of 4GL:

  • Programs written in 4GL are heavy weight and needs to be converted into machine codes by compiler and interpreter.
  • Execution of the system is slower.