Application of Computer Graphics

Application of Computer Graphics

Computer graphics is and a concept of presenting the thoughts, ideas and information in the form of pictures. With use of graphics system in computer technology the age of computer has reached on its top level.

Application of Computer Graphics

Application of Computer Graphics

Computers these days have become a powerful tool for the rapid and economical production of pictures. By this era we find using graphics with computer technology, a interactive solution for different areas and fields such as science, engineering, medicine, business, industry, government, art, entertainment, advertising, education, and training. Designing some presentation, textures, explaining your project to supervisors/users, manuals and so on have become impossible without use of computer graphics and even manage to make somehow, it won’t be taken as a good one.

We can see many of real world example, for now let’s take an example how an architect would explain his project in front of house owners. In a simple way, he designs the blueprint of his ideas to projects by using programs like AutoDesk AutoCad and explains it to the supervisor of the project and the owner with different measurements and concepts. In this way an architect uses computer graphics to present his design to others.

Let’s then list out the application of computer graphics:

  1. Computer Aided Design
  2. Presentation Graphics
  3. Computer Art
  4. Entertainment
  5. Education and Training
  6. Visualization
  7. Image Processing
  8. Graphical User Interface


CAD (Computer Aided Design) is the process of designing models, processes and frameworks, particularly for engineering and architectural systems by use of computer graphics. Starting to design objects by this concept, first displays a wire-frame outline and serially shows the overall shape and internal features of objects. Generally, computer aided design methods are now routinely used in the design of buildings, automobiles, aircraft, waterfall, spacecraft, computers, textiles and many – many other products.

Software packages for CAD applications typically provide the designer with a multi-window environment. Each window can show enlarged sections or different views of objects. Standard shapes for electrical, electronic, building, and logic circuits are often supplied by the design package. The connections between the components have been made automatically.

  • Animations are often used in CAD applications.
  • Real-time animations using wire frame displays are useful for testing performance of a vehicle.
  • Wire frame models allow the designer to see the interior parts of the vehicle during motion.
  • When object designs are complete, realistic lighting models and surface rendering are applied.
  • Manufacturing process of object can also be controlled through CAD.
  • Interactive graphics methods are used to layout the buildings.
  • Three-dimensional interior layouts and lighting also provided.
  • With virtual-reality systems, the designers can go for a simulated walk inside the building.


Another major application area of computer graphics is in presentation graphics. Presentation in different fields such as financial, statistical, mathematical, scientific and economic cannot be imagined without the implementation of computer graphics.

  • It is used to produce illustrations for reports or to generate slide for with projections.
  • Examples of presentation graphics are bar charts, line graphs, surface graphs, pie charts and displays showing relationships between parameters.
  • 3-D graphics can provide more attraction to the presentation.


Computer art in computer graphics indicates to the preparation of pictures, cartoons, catalogs, boards etc and in the same time implies the use of different hardware such as paint brush and light pen.

  • Computer graphics methods are widely used in both fine are and commercial art applications.
  • The artist uses a combination of 3D modeling packages, texture mapping, drawing programs and CAD software.
  • Pen plotter with specially designed software can create “automatic art”.
  • “Mathematical Art” can be produced using mathematical functions, fractal procedures.
  • These methods are also applied in commercial art.
  • Photo realistic techniques are used to render images of a product.
  • Animations are also used frequently in advertising, and television commercials are produced frame by frame. Film animations require 24 frames for each second in the animation sequence.
  • A common graphics method employed in many commercials is morphing, where one object is transformed into another


Computer graphics in entertainment is implied with the on going fashions of music videos, movies and television shows. Movies like Ice Age, Mission Impossible, Ghost raider, Battle Ships and many more are the sources of entertainment fully interacted with the use of computer graphics.

  • Computer Graphics methods are now commonly used in making motion pictures, music videos and television shows.
  • Many TV series regularly employ computer graphics method.
  • Graphics objects can be combined with a live action.


Computer graphics in education and training has played a vital role and at the same time has updated our way of education methods. From old age to now we have acknowledged our self with the importance of CG in education and training from the methods we adopted in our schools and colleges as we also visualized how the use of computer graphics make it easy for a student to learn and a teacher to teach.

  • Computer-generated models of physical, financial and economic systems are often used as educational aids.
  • For some training applications, special systems are designed.
  • Eg. Training of ship captains, aircraft pilots etc.,
  • Some simulators have no video screens, but most simulators provide graphics screen for visual operation. Some of them provide only the control panel.


To visualize means to form an image of something in mind

Scientists, engineers, medical personnel, business analysts, and others often need to analyze large amounts of information or to study the behavior of certain processes. Numerical simulation carried out by simulation and data analyzed by satellite cameras and other sources are need to be interpreted, which regards the application of computer graphics of such kind of visualization.

  • The numerical and scientific data are converted to a visual form for analysis and to study the behavior called visualization.
  • Producing graphical representation for scientific data sets are calls scientific visualization.
  • And business visualization is used to represent the data sets related to commerce and industry.
  • The visualization can be either 2D or 3D.


Image processing is a method to convert an image into digital form and perform some operations on it, in order to get an enhanced image or to extract some useful information from it. It is a type of signal dispensation in which input is image, like video frame or photograph and output may be image or characteristics associated with that image. Usually Image Processing system includes treating images as two dimensional signals while applying already set signal processing methods to them. Image processing is an important part of Computer Graphics. Below points explore about how computer graphics is used in Image processing.

  • Computer graphics is used to create a picture.
  • Image processing applies techniques to modify or interpret existing pictures.
  • To apply image processing methods, the image must be digitized first.
  • Medical applications also make extensive use of image processing techniques for picture enhancements, simulations of operations, etc.


In this era of application development people do not prefer those applications in which they could not use pointing device and are not interacted with different kinds of interactive images and buttons. Computer graphics plays an important role in developing Graphical User Interface.

  • Nowadays software packages provide graphics user interface (GUI) for the user to work easily.
  • A major component in GUI is a window.
  • Multiple windows can be opened at a time.
  • To activate any one of the window, the user needs just to check on that window.
  • Menus and icons are used for fast selection of processing operations.
  • Icons are used as shortcut to perform functions. The advantages of icons are which takes less screen space.
  • And some other interfaces like text box, buttons, and list are also used.

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