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To explore our knowledge about the Computer Technology cum Programming and to know better computing.

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Our team TCS is actually a group of students studying Computer and Electronics Engineering. We make a team to provide our readers with sufficient information in particular topics. Mainly the article posted here are taken directly from our notes, other than notes we do take references from many other writers and also surf through internet to provide you with sufficient information.

We hope The Computer Students has really become helpful for your study and worked as online tutorial blog for you.

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We value our readers and take each of their valuable comments as guidance for our effort. Your visits and comments will always be taken as love to our site, this will be appreciation for us and will surely give us hope to work more in coming days.
We want you, our readers to explore your knowledge and at the same time leave comments, it can be some ideas for us to follow in upcoming days or correction of mistakes in some posts. We will really appreciate that.

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Hi, I am Luzan Baral, a student of Computer Engineering. Days when I was in school I always wanted to have my own blog where I could write something in my interest that would really help others too. My eager to work on my dreams made it possible and now I created TCS where I write to explore my own knowledge and at same time will definitely help others to explore theirs too.

Being admin of this blog I kindly request all reader of this blog to regular visits our blog and be a part of it. We update regularly and don’t want you to miss our updates.

More importantly, your feedback and comments will work as inspiration for us to work more every day. So, please don’t hesitate to drop you comments.

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