How to reset your WordPress Password using phpMyAdmin?

What! Your WordPress is hacked. Oh! Don’t worry this article will certainly help to reset your password and make your WordPress much secure. In this article I will teach you how to change or reset your WordPress Password using phpMyAdmin. If you are thinking how it could help when you are not able to login back to your website, then it is the only way to get access to your website by resetting the WordPress Password.

There are several methods you can use to reset a WordPress password for a specific account. You can reset a WordPress password using FTP, or as explained in this article, you can reset WordPress password using the phpMyAdmin web interface.

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And it is not that hard, as you might be thinking, you just have to go through given steps and reset WordPress password within a minute and gain back access to your WordPress blog or website.

So, let’s start to hack.

Step 1 – Connect to WordPress Database with phpMyAdmin

To connect to the WordPress database with phpMyAdmin, login to your hosting provider cPanel. Scroll down to the phpMyAdmin section and click on the Databases icon which is  in the below screenshot.

Connect to WordPress Database with phpMyAdmin

Connect to WordPress Database with phpMyAdmin

Step 2 – Select the WordPress database

When inside Databases section, select the WordPress database form the list of databases. If you have multiple databases or you are not sure which is the right WordPress database, you can find the database name from the wp-config.php file. The wp-config.php file can be found in the root directory of WordPress and the WordPress database name can be retrieved from the following line:


Select the WordPress database

Select the WordPress database

Step 3 – Select the WordPress Users table

After you click on the WordPress database you will see a list of tables. If you have not renamed the table prefixes, all the table names will start with the wp_’ prefix.

Select the WordPress Users table

Select the WordPress Users table

Click on the wp_users table and click on the Browse tab ( in the above screenshot) to browse the content of this table, i.e. the list of WordPress users and their settings.

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If you only have one WordPress user, the table will only contain one row as seen in the below screenshot.

Wordpress User table

WordPress User table

Step 4 – Reset the WordPress password

When you see screen as in above screen shot, click on edit button (the little pencil head at side). Then it opens a window just as below screen shot, where, you can notice the user password is stored as a long string of random characters (MD5 hash) in the user_pass’ column as in the below screenshot. WordPress stores the password in such format for security reasons.

Reset the WordPress Password phpmyadmin

Reset the WordPress Password phpmyadmin

You can simply start typing the new password in the value section of the user_pass column. Once you specify the new password (tcs123## in the below example) select MD5 from the Function column drop down menu for the user_pass column so the password is stored using MD5 checksum and not plain text.

Change WordPress Password Security type

Change WordPress Password Security type

Click on Go button to save the new password. Congratulations. You have just reset a WordPress user password using phpMyAdmin.

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This tutorial was performed in XAMPP localhost server, you can try it live from your webhost cPanel, if you find any error while resetting your WP password, then please leave a comment, I will surely look forward to that.

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