How to create Custom Page and set it as Homepage in WordPress?

This is what always crawls around the head of bloggers who use WordPress for their websites saying, “come on my site seems dumb showing those unattractive posts all at once, is there any way so I can make a custom page for my blog”. Yes, I always wanted to find a way out to create a custom home page in WordPress for my own blog. And here I am, thought it would also help you guys out there to play with your WordPress and hack it.

So, today this article will go step by step to teach you, how to create a custom page and use it as home page.

Step 1 – Create your custom page

To create a custom page, simply duplicate your page.php file which is found in your theme’s main directory and give it a name of your choice. This name must be different from “page.php” This is found in your “wp-admin/wp-content/themes/yourtheme/“. Where “yourtheme” is the name of your currently active theme directory.

Step 2 – Add required code to your new file

Add the code below to the top of your new page, replacing “New Page Template” with a name of your choice. This is what WordPress uses to detect the file type (whether it’s a template or not) and the template name.

<?php /* Template Name: New Page Template */ ?>

Don’t worry, template name won’t always have to be TCS. You can change the template name to your desired one.

Step 3 – Select your new page template

Once you’ve created and saved your new template, within your WordPress admin panel create a new page and select the new page template you created in the template selection drop down menu and click publish as shown below.

Choose Template for Custom Page

Choose Template for Custom Page

Step 4 – Publish and set your new front page

After the page is published go to Settings>>Reading in your WordPress dashboard and select the static page radio button and select your new page from the drop-down as your front page display as shown below and click save. Now you have a Custom Home Page.

Choose Homepage for WordPress

Choose Homepage for WordPress

Final – What now?? Add some content :)

You can always get ideas from the page.php file, to know what can be kept in home page and how. But remember, it completely depends on you, what to keep and remove from homepage.

You must be thinking it was very easy to add custom page as homepage, aren’t you? Why not to include your ideas in comments below.