Project Proposal on Hotel Management and Reservation System


The project on “Hotel Management and Reservation System” is one of the interactive Software which has two user modes separated for manager and customer. This system can handle almost the entire task required in the Hotel Management being one of the key to raise the organization prestige and status as it saves processing time and help to provide better management system. Using this software one can make their managerial aspect of hotel strong and fast. Mainly the program is divided into two aspects, one for administration and another for member or customer. Hotel Management and Reservation System software can be broadcasted worldwide through the internet so that all customers even over the seas can know in detail about hotel and can reserve through the computer.

This system facilitates the manager to keep details rate of any items and services and also edit them as per requirement. It also enables to calculate all the daily financial transaction which includes reservation and booking, billing, restaurant billing, and other accounting module. Using this system one can keep detail on check in and checkout time of every customer visiting the hotel. This system also keeps record of booking the hotel services by the customer so that manager can easily handle such task in less time.

HMR system will be designed aiming to keep good interaction between manager and customers, through the graphical presentation so that both parties will be benefited. The software is developed for easy management of the following types of accommodation like Hotels, Guesthouses, Cottages, Villas, lodges, resorts and any other room booking which is to be managed on a day-to-day basis.

Throughout this Project Proposal on Hotel Management and Reservation System we will be describing about objectives of this project, functions of the program, flowchart, algorithm, budget and schedule for the project.

Statement of Problem

Keeping records of various customers of a hotel is a common requirement of almost all the premier hotels and also of big and small ones. Almost all the managers need to access information about daily activities of a hotel. They used to perform it from their desks so as to generate the needed reports. The hotel manager enters the record manually and for generating report he has to browse through the whole records, which is very time consuming and very tiring task which may take week/month even a year. And as we know time is the money for any business. Since, the job is done manually, there are chances of occurring errors, and the risk of modifying by others is also obvious. As managing side is the back bone for all hotels, it is very important to meet the goals of hotel through proper management. We can see many of hotels suffering from such problems even today here in our country.

Not only a manager alone wants to keep the hotel’s record in computerized form but also there are almost all customers who want to do the task like viewing the hotel information, services and also to reserve the hotel by sitting in front of the computer.

Thus, to overcome and meet these entire requirements, we have planned to develop such software which will be suitable tools for every hotel to keep the records, calculate the financial transaction and provide booking facilities to their customers.


Considering today’s need in the field of Hotel Management System and other Reservation System, we the student of DCT III/I has planned to developed the software named “Hotel Management and Reservation System” which meets almost all the demands required in the field of hotel. This is the software which has mainly made for management of a Hotel and Reservation of Hotel.

To achieve the goal of preparation of software it is very necessary to choose appropriate programming language which can meet the goal in given time and budget. Taking all this in mind we have choose general purpose Computer programming language to develop our software. C Programming language is one of the most widely used programming languages of all time, there are very few computer architecture for which a C compiler does not exist. As it provides low-level access to memory, it required minimal run-time support. In C language, we can divide whole complex program into a number of function which make work simpler. As our software provide lots of services to user like viewing info, editing info, reserving, accounting etc. these all things can be divided into sub-routine which has clearly defined purpose. C programming also provide file handling system which will be main key to develop our software.

Our software is the comprehensive software consisting of integrated modules for various aspects of Hotel Management and reservation System. As entire modules necessary to hotel are integrated tightly at no additional cost, it saves both time and money for the user.  Through this software the Hotel administration can easily manage their loyalty programs in an effective way.  The project Hotel management and Reservation manages and maintain the records of customers, room in hotels, booking information and other financial transaction of hotel. This software has been made in a user friendly interface, so that normal persons can add, delete and edit the entries of customers and handle all the transaction easily.


The main objectives of the project will be concentrated towards the development of such software product that will help in removing the problems encountered with the customer’s record keeping method and reservation facilities for the costumers in hotel. This software will be focused for both manager and customer who can manages all hotel tasks in reliable way, saving the precious time. The objectives of this system can be divided into two categories, which are being explained as follow:

General objective
  1. To develop a Hotel management and Reservation system software.
Specific Objectives
  1. To provide interaction of software with both manager and customer.
  2. To keep the details record of hotel.
  3. To keep the detail record of customers.
  4. To provide easy way to view details rate of each hotel’s item for customer.
  5. To provide reliable and easy way of booking facilities to customer.
  6. To manage and edit the different rates of services.
  7. To keep the proper accountancy record of the hotel.
  8. To provide proper billing system for customer

Flowchart of Hotel Management and Reservation System

Main Menu
Hotel Reservation and Management System software flowchart

Hotel Reservation and Management System software flowchart

Manager Mode

Hotel Management and Reservation System Manager Mode Flowchart

Hotel Management and Reservation System Manager Mode Flowchart

Customer Mode

Hotel Management and Reservation System Customer Mode Flowchart

Hotel Management and Reservation System Customer Mode Flowchart

Algorithm for Hotel Management and Reservation System

Step 1: Start

Step 2: Input the Username and password.

Step 3: Is password and username matched?

Yes: Go to step 4

No: Print Wrong Password and Username and Go to Step 9

Step 4: Display:

1)      Manager mode

2)      Customer mode

3)      Exit

Step 5: Input the user’s choice

Step 6: Is choice=1?

Yes: Enter the password and if matched call manager (  )function and Go to Step 4

Else Go to Step 5

No: Go to Step 7

Step 7: Is choice=2?

Yes: Call customer (  ) function and Go to step 4

No: Go to Step 8.

Step 8: Is choice =3?

Yes:  Go to step 9

No: Print Wrong Choice

Step 9: Exit

For manager (  ) function

Step 1: Display:

1)      Edit Rate

2)      Accountancy

3)      View Booking Info

4)      Exit

Step 2: Input the choice.

Step 3: Is choice=1?

Yes: Edit the required information and Go to Step 1

No: Go to Step 4

Step 4: Is choice=2?

Yes: Enter customer ID, calculate required transaction and Go to Step 1

No: Go to Step 5

Step 5: Is choice=3?

Yes: Enter the Customer ID, view their information and Go to Step 1

No: Go to step 6.

Step 6: Is choice=4?

Yes: Go to Step 7

No: Print Wrong choice.

Step 7: Return

 For Customer (  ) function:

Step 1: Display:

1)      View Hotel Info.

2)      Booking.

3)      Exit.

Step 2: Input the Choice.

Step 3: Is choice=1?

Yes: Display all the required information of hotel.

No: Go to Step 4

Step 4: Is choice=2?

Yes: Enter all personal information and services to be taken.

No: Go to Step 5

Step 5: Is Choice=3?

Yes: Go to Step 6

No: Print Wrong choice.

Step 6: Return.


Particulars Price
132 character 80 cps printer Rs.15000/-
Pen Drive for Backup Rs.400/-
Laptop  Dell Inspiron 40,000/-
Removable Disk(1GB) 500/-
1024MB Main memory 1600/-
40GB 0f Hard Disk 2000/-
Processer P4 2500/-
Other 1000/-
Total 63,000/-


Project scheduling is a particularly demanding task for software preparation. Scheduling involves separating the total work involved in a project into separate activities and judging the time required to complete these activities. If project is technically advanced, initial estimate will almost certainly be optimistic even when we try to consider all eventualities. It’s important is to avoid a situation where the whole project is delayed because a critical task is unfinished. It acts the calendar which is prepared by Gantt chart. Scheduling is the time table and driver for project. Scheduling for our project is noted in following manner.

For the project competition, we draw a Gantt chart as shown in figure below:

Gantt Chart for Project ManagementScheduling

Gantt Chart for Management Project Scheduling

Fig: Gantt chart of project.


Lastly, hoping our project on Hotel management and Reservation System will get way to far on this semester’s Project submission. Our group have came up with a great idea of implementing this project in real world. This Project Proposal on Hotel Management and Reservation System describes a layout how Hotel Management and Reservation System Software will work with its certain functions.

P.S Thanks to Nishal Gurung, for providing his Project Proposal on Hotel Management and Reservation System.