Case Study on Library Management System (Information System)

Case Study on Library Management System (INFORMATION SYSTEM)



The client is the Bright Future Library providing the facilities of reading and withdrawing books for its registered readers. The Library offers facilities like registering as new user, withdrawing one or more books at a time, conducting personality development programs and at the same time also collects funds from the visitors, sponsors and encourages registered reader’s to invite more readers.

The Library wished to have a web based Library Management System which is easy to navigate. Regular readers of the library could be informed about the arrival of new books on to the library and readers also could register the books for them in first hour.

So, I made an appointment to meet Mr. Denis Décor tomorrow at 10 am at his library office. I have told him I will need 40 minutes to get an overview of his requirements. I made the following checklist before meeting him.



  • ·         Find out what aspect of Library operation he wanted to analyze and improve.
  • ·         Find out why he wants this and what benefits he foresees.
  • ·         Find out his priorities.
  • ·         Find out how early he wants the system.
  • ·         Find out about the present organizing of Library administration.
  • ·         Find out if any documentation on existing procedures exists.



I met Mr. Denis Decor at his office and asked his permission to take notes on how the library works and manages the flow of readers. I asked some questions to Mr. Decor about the present way of management of Library. The questions asked were:

  • Why does he think the library is in need of LMS?
  • How is the book record kept, is there any difficulties in this system of record keeping?
  • How are registered reader’s information managed and at same time the record of the books withdrawn by them?
  • Do you think it is good and fruitful to advertise about your library through web?
  • How many and what categories of books does this library offers?
  • How is reader informed about the arrival of new books?
  • Do you want to publish notice about seminars offered?




The Bright Future Library wanted to manage reader’s information as well as the books related to more than twenty categories. The need was to create an aesthetically pleasing yet practical system. In spite of the large volume of information, the structure and navigation needed to be simple and targeted to the audience perspective. With multiple categories and information running into hundreds of pages, the library management committee felt it was critical for the information to be organized systematically in an uncomplicated way.
The system also needed to support the audio and video files integration so as to provide readers with different multimedia materials that can be on historical events, science, research, wars and invention.



The solution aimed at providing various management, information processing, data retrieval, and data analysis based on several criteria to cater the needs of library, readers and other sponsors of the Library. The solution comprised the following major modules:-

  • Book’s Information
  • Reader’s Information
  • Book’s Withdrawn
  • Book’s Arrivals
  • Categories and Departments
  • Seminars and Programs
  • Application Security
  • Application Data Manager



TCS Library Management system provided an inviting and reassuring experience that presents scientific information in a precise, uncomplicated manner. The information on books, readers, meetings and seminars are clearly explained providing web environment to readers and visitors.

This is just an example of project case study for Information System.


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