C Programming; Advantages and Disadvantages

What is C?

C is a programming language developed at AT & T’s Bell Laboratories of USA in 1972. Dennis Ritchie wrote and designed it. In the late seventies C began to replace the more familiar languages of that time like PL/I, ALGOL, etc. no one pushed C. It wasn’t made the official’ Bell Labs language. Thus, without any advertisement C’s reputation spread and its pool of users grew. Ritchie seems to have been rather surprised that so many programmers preferred C to older languages like FORTAN or PL/I, or the newer ones like Pascal and APL. But, that’s what happened.

Advantages and Disadvantages of C Programming Language

Some of the advantages of C languages are as follows:

  1. It is the one of the very efficient programming language of the world. It is used to write effective programs and operating systems like UNIX.
  2.  Programmers have not illustrated any limitation on C language itself. C language is very vast, the limitation may be the programmer’s incomplete knowledge. It depends to programmer how much they could explore.
  3. The compiler of C is much efficient than any other languages and the code generated by C’s compiler is much light-weighted than any other languages.
  4. A unique feature that makes C a powerful language is the use of pointers. The access of variables through pointers and their manipulation is not available n languages like FORTAN and COBOL. It is available in some extent in Pascal, but it is limited.
  5. C language also gives the platform for graphical user interface. Games and other programs with use of different colors, lines, circles and patterns can be generated by use of C language.


Disadvantages of C language

Frankly speaking, there is no any disadvantage of C language but some of the problems associated with this language are listed as its disadvantages:

  1. C language is harder and little bit complex programming for beginners. But as times passes with much more practice it becomes very easier.
  2. Pointer is one of the major characteristics of C language. Using it, one can directly alter system settings and memory variables. But if somebody mishandles it, then the system may crash, which is very much dangerous. So, use of pointer is minimized for this reason.
  3. Multiple inheritances, one of the major characteristics of programming language like C++, is not available in C. But this characteristics are being removed from newer programming languages like dot net’, C#, etc.
  4. Object oriented programming, the major branch of modern programming, is not available through C.