Creating First Windows Store App using JavaScript and HTML in Visual Studio 2012

Microsoft’s new windows operating system revealed previous year – Windows 8 supports different environment of application. These applications are developed in an updated platform of Visual Studio. Visual Studio 2012 supports different developing tools or platforms like, C#, C++, XAML, JavaScript, F#, Visual Basic. So, here in this tutorial we will be developing starting Windows 8 apps for Windows Store using JavaScript and HTML.

In here, we will be discussing how to start app development for Windows 8 using Visual Studio 2012. I have installed Visual Studio Premium 2012 in my laptop; I hope the versions won’t make many changes with properties and options.

Before you start

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Java DataBase Connectivity API – (JDBC API)

JDBC is a Java Database Connectivity API that lets you access virtually any tabular data source from a Java application.

In addition to providing connectivity to a wide range of SQL databases, JDBC allows you to access other tabular data sources such as spreadsheets or flat files.

Although JDBC is often thought of as an acronym for Java Database Connectivity, the trademarked API name is actually JDBC.

JDBC defines a low-level API designed to support basic SQL functionality independently of any specific SQL implementation. This means the focus is on executing raw SQL statements and retrieving their results. Continue Reading…

How to add Charm bar Settings (Privacy, About, Ratings) in Windows Store App

Recently I was given to review 100+ Windows Store Apps developed by students from Nepal and Australia. Well, some apps there were amazing. But to what I can remember, not a single app used the Charm bar setting feature available on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. I couldn’t imagine how they managed to miss that awesome feature of Windows 8.1. Continue Reading…

Depth First Search in C++ – Algorithm, Source Code and Complexity

Basic Theory of Depth First Search

Depth – first searches are performed by diving downward into a tree as quickly as possible. It does this by always generating a child node from the most recently expanded node, then generating that child’s children, and so on until a goal is found or some cutoff depth point d is reached. If a goal is not found when a leaf node is reached or at the cutoff point, the program backtracks to the most recently expanded node and generates another of its children. This process continues until a goal is found or failure occurs. Continue Reading…

Best C/C++ Compilers and IDEs for Programmers

Best C/Cplus Compilers and IDEs for Programmers

If you’re interested in learning to program in C/C++ you’ll find this list of C/C++ Compilers handy. You’ll need one for The C/C++ Programming tutorials we have on site. Most of these compilers do C++ and C. Just rename the files to have .C for C Programs and .cpp for C++ programs extensions. Here I have made a list of some best and free C/C++ compilers and IDEs for Computer Programmers.

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Difference Between Class-Based and Prototype-Based Languages

Difference Between Class-Based and Prototype-Based Languages

Wikipedia defines Class-based Programming as:

Class-based programming, or more commonly class-orientation, is a style of object-oriented programming (OOP) in which inheritance is achieved by defining classes of objects, as opposed to the objects themselves (compare prototype-based programming). Continue Reading…

List of development tools for Linux platform – IDEs & Compilers

One of my most recent endeavors was to set up my old linux machine for development. I chose the Debian Squeeze(6.1.5) distro because of its reputation for stability and also its minimalist approach towards installing packages, and both these features were quite welcome. Having said that, the tools listed here can be downloaded and installed on any distro, in case they are not already included in the installation CD/DVD. Based on my development experience with these tools, this list is frequently updated with new information: Continue Reading…

Visual Studio 2013 New Features in IDE #VS2013updates

Now that Visual Studio 2013 has been released with new features, I finally got a copy of Visual Studio 2013 and took it for a ride this week. Here’s a quick tour of what Visual Studio 2013 has to offer; I focus on basic IDE enhancements, web development, productivity gains, and Windows-specific development.and I have had a little play around with it, I thought I would write about some of my favorite new IDE features. Microsoft has added in some useful features that will really make using the IDE a richer experience. Continue Reading…

How to use HTML5 in Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft won’t let programmers code notepad++ to write codes. HTML 5 is very popular in this web era, but how can developer from Visual Studio 2010 use HTML 5 support in their package when Visual Studio 2010 solely does not support HTML 5. But does that stops programmers, surely not, you can update your Studio for that.

All you will be needing is Visual Studio 2010 and a web browser.

Why do I need Web Browser ?

If you want Visual Studio 2010 to support HTML 5. You need to update your Visual Studio 2010 to Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1.

How to update Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to VS 2010 SP1?

Basically, there are two ways to update Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1:

  • From Micorsoft Website
    1. Go to download center
    2. Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1
  • Open windows update, the system will automatically find vs2010 update file, size around 600MB

Now after you have finished updating your Visual Studio 2010, you can add HTML 5 support, by following below steps.

  1. Open Visual Studio 2010 SP 1.
  2. Go to Tools
  3. Click on Options
  4. Choose HTML
  5. Choose Validation
  6. On target Select HTML 5
  7. Click Ok
How to use HTML5 in Visual Studio 2010

How to use HTML5 in Visual Studio 2010

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Complete List of Run Commands in Windows 8

Windows 8 support hundreds of run commands to quickly access features, settings, programs and apps. Knowing the run command for a program in Windows 8 can be useful if you’d like to start a program from a script file or if you only have access to a command line interface during a Windows issue.

The command prompt is included in Windows 8 and Windows RT, even though it doesn’t appear on the Start screen by default. You can even add it to the Start screen if you want to open it more quickly. For that search Run in Start screen and select “Pin to Start” option by right clicking the tile. Continue Reading…

Use of Structures in C Programming ‘struct’

So far I think you have already read our tutorial on ‘Understanding Use of Arrays in C Programming.

Unlike array, a structure is a package of one or usually more variables which are grouped under a single name. Structures are not like arrays: a structure can hold any mixture of different types of data: it can even hold arrays of different types. A structure can be as simple or as complex as the programmer desires. Continue Reading…