Creating First Windows Store App using JavaScript and HTML in Visual Studio 2012

Microsoft’s new windows operating system revealed previous year – Windows 8 supports different environment of application. These applications are developed in an updated platform of Visual Studio. Visual Studio 2012 supports different developing tools or platforms like, C#, C++, XAML, JavaScript, F#, Visual Basic. So, here in this tutorial we will be developing starting Windows 8 apps for Windows Store using JavaScript and HTML.

In here, we will be discussing how to start app development for Windows 8 using Visual Studio 2012. I have installed Visual Studio Premium 2012 in my laptop; I hope the versions won’t make many changes with properties and options.

Before you start


Difference between Applets and Applications Program in Java with Examples

Introduction to Applets and Applications in Java

Venn diagram explaining features of Java Applets and Application

Venn diagram explaining features of Java Applets and Application

In java an applet is a special kind of Java program that a browser enabled with Java technology can download from the internet and run. An applet is typically embedded inside a Web page and runs in the context of the browser. In order to be provided with the standard interface between the applet and the browser environment, an applet must be a subclass of the java.applet.Applet class or javax.swing.JApplet class. Java applets are compiled using javac command, but are run either with a browser or with the appletviewer command.

Applications in java are thought to be larger than applets which runs in a desktop mode and is used as productive software application. They can be created by writing packages other than java.applet.Applet. Java application programs run in a standalone environment with the support of virtual machine(JVM). Java applications are also compiled using the javac command and run using java command. A java application has a full network and local file system access, and its potential is limited only by the creativity of its developers. (more…)

Software Engineering Design Concepts and Principles – Part 2

This is the Part 2 of the Software Engineering Design – Concepts and Principles, you can read Part 1 here. If you are redirected from Part 1, you can continue reading from here.

In Part 2 of Software Engineering Design – Concepts and Principles, I’ll be discussing about Software Architecture Designs, Data Design, Requirement mapping.


Software Architecture

Design has been described as a multistep process in which representations of data and program structure, interface characteristics, and procedural detail are synthesized from information requirements.

Architectural design represents the structure of data and program components that are required to build a computer-based system. Architectural design begins with data design and then proceeds to the derivation of one or more representations of the architectural structure of the system. (more…)

Software Engineering Design – Concepts and Principles [Part 1]

Software design sits at the technical kernel of software engineering and is applied regardless of the software process model that is used. Once software requirements have been analyzed and specified, software design is the first of three technical activities—design, code generation, and test—that are required to build and verify the software.

Each of the elements of the analysis model provides information that is necessary to create the four design models required for a complete specification of design. (more…)

Object Oriented Programming – Theory and Examples

What is Object Oriented Programming?

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is commonly used in programs which require doing the same things over and over again. Much like a function or method can be ran multiple times, OOP classes can be ran multiple times, simultaneously.

When is OOP used?

OOP is used in games and some other software. The reason it is used in games is because the game requires the same things to happen over and over again at the same time, for example… (more…)

Project Proposal on Hotel Management and Reservation System


The project on “Hotel Management and Reservation System” is one of the interactive Software which has two user modes separated for manager and customer. This system can handle almost the entire task required in the Hotel Management being one of the key to raise the organization prestige and status as it saves processing time and help to provide better management system. Using this software one can make their managerial aspect of hotel strong and fast. Mainly the program is divided into two aspects, one for administration and another for member or customer. Hotel Management and Reservation System software can be broadcasted worldwide through the internet so that all customers even over the seas can know in detail about hotel and can reserve through the computer. (more…)

Project Proposal On Time Schedule Management System


The first stage of software project development is writing a proposal to carry out the project. It is the basis for the development of project. It describes the objectives of the project and how will it caressed out. It usually includes cost and schedule estimate. Proposal writing is a criteria task which is acquired by experience.

A project is a temporary sequence of unique complex and connected activities having a one goal and that must be completed within time , budget and according to the specification of the education planning of the Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering. We student of Western regional Campus, Department of Electronics and computer, DCT III/I are going to submit the minor project on “Time Schedule Management (Routine Management) in WRC”. (more…)

Java DataBase Connectivity API – (JDBC API)

JDBC is a Java Database Connectivity API that lets you access virtually any tabular data source from a Java application.

In addition to providing connectivity to a wide range of SQL databases, JDBC allows you to access other tabular data sources such as spreadsheets or flat files.

Although JDBC is often thought of as an acronym for Java Database Connectivity, the trademarked API name is actually JDBC.

JDBC defines a low-level API designed to support basic SQL functionality independently of any specific SQL implementation. This means the focus is on executing raw SQL statements and retrieving their results. (more…)

Depth First Search in C++ – Algorithm, Source Code and Complexity

Basic Theory of Depth First Search

Depth – first searches are performed by diving downward into a tree as quickly as possible. It does this by always generating a child node from the most recently expanded node, then generating that child’s children, and so on until a goal is found or some cutoff depth point d is reached. If a goal is not found when a leaf node is reached or at the cutoff point, the program backtracks to the most recently expanded node and generates another of its children. This process continues until a goal is found or failure occurs. (more…)